10.8 V BATTERY 5200mAh

Ref.: CBI3192A

10.8 V BATTERY 5200mAh
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Specifications :
100% Brand New high-quality!
100% Original, not a cloning, not generic, not look-alike. Money back guarantee .
This Genuine battery has an integrated microchip, 
that prevents overcharging and lengthen   battery life.

Product Description:
 Voltage: 10.8V
 Capacity : 55Wh
 Battery Cells : 6Cell
 Color: Black
 Battery Type: Li-ion
 Warranty: Full One Year
 Gross Weight :589g

Part Number:

    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite B450/B,
    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite B451/D,
    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite B550/B,
    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite B650/B,
    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite L35 220C/HD,
    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite L46 240E/HD,
    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite PB450CJAB75A31,
    Toshiba Satellite Pro S750

    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite K40 Series
    Dynabook Satellite K40 213Y/HDX, Dynabook Satellite K40 226Y/HD,
    Dynabook Satellite K40 226Y/HDX

    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite K41 Series
    Dynabook Satellite K41 240Y/HD, Dynabook Satellite K41 240Y/HDX,
    Dynabook Satellite K41 266Y/HD, Dynabook Satellite K41 266Y/HDX

    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite K45 Series
    Dynabook Satellite K45 240E/HD, Dynabook Satellite K45 240E/HDX,
    Dynabook Satellite K45 266E/HD, Dynabook Satellite K45 266E/HDX

    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite K46 Series
    Dynabook Satellite K46 240E/HD, Dynabook Satellite K46 240E/HDX,
    Dynabook Satellite K46 266E/HD, Dynabook Satellite K46 266E/HDX

    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite L40 Series
    Dynabook Satellite L40 213Y/HD, Dynabook Satellite L40 226Y/HD

    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite L41 Series
    Dynabook Satellite L41 240Y/HD, Dynabook Satellite L41 266Y/HD

    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite L45 Series
    Dynabook Satellite L45 240E/HD, Dynabook Satellite L45 240E/HDX,
    Dynabook Satellite L45 266E/HD, Dynabook Satellite L45 266E/HDX

    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite PB551 Series
    Dynabook Satellite PB551CABN75A51, Dynabook Satellite PB551CAPN75A51,
    Dynabook Satellite PB551CBBN75A51, Dynabook Satellite PB551CBPN75A51,
    Dynabook Satellite PB551CEBN75A51, Dynabook Satellite PB551CFBN75A51,
    Dynabook Satellite PB651CABNKEA51, Dynabook Satellite PB651CAPNKEA51,
    Dynabook Satellite PB651CBBNKEA51, Dynabook Satellite PB651CBPNKEA51

    Toshiba Satellite Pro S500 Series
    Satellite Pro S500-00M, Satellite Pro S500-10E,
    Satellite Pro S500-11C, Satellite Pro S500-11E,
    Satellite Pro S500-11T, Satellite Pro S500-12V,
    Satellite Pro S500-130, Satellite Pro S500-131,
    Satellite Pro S500-138, Satellite Pro S500-139,
    Satellite Pro S500-140, Satellite Pro S500-141,
    Satellite Pro S500-147, Satellite Pro S500-14Z,
    Satellite Pro S500-156, Satellite Pro S500-158,
    Satellite Pro S500-15C, Satellite Pro S500-15E,
    Satellite Pro S500-15K, Satellite Pro S500-15W

    Toshiba Tecra A11 Series
    Tecra A11-001, Tecra A11-00N, Tecra A11-00P,
    Tecra A11-00Q, Tecra A11-07G, Tecra A11-07H,
    Tecra A11-07J, Tecra A11-103, Tecra A11-105,
    Tecra A11-113, Tecra A11-114, Tecra A11-11E,
    Tecra A11-11H, Tecra A11-11L, Tecra A11-11N,
    Tecra A11-11Q, Tecra A11-125, Tecra A11-126,
    Tecra A11-127, Tecra A11-128, Tecra A11-12F,
    Tecra A11-12P, Tecra A11-12Q, Tecra A11-12W,
    Tecra A11-14J, Tecra A11-14K, Tecra A11-14L,
    Tecra A11-152, Tecra A11-153, Tecra A11-15P,
    Tecra A11-16R, Tecra A11-16V, Tecra A11-16W,
    Tecra A11-16X, Tecra A11-16Z, Tecra A11-17G,
    Tecra A11-17H, Tecra A11-17M, Tecra A11-17N,
    Tecra A11-182, Tecra A11-186, Tecra A11-18N,
    Tecra A11-196, Tecra A11-197, Tecra A11-19E,
    Tecra A11-19L, Tecra A11-19M, Tecra A11-19N,
    Tecra A11-19P, Tecra A11-1D1, Tecra A11-1D4,
    Tecra A11-1E5, Tecra A11-1EE, Tecra A11-1EG,
    Tecra A11-1EH, Tecra A11-1ET, Tecra A11-1EV,
    Tecra A11-1EW, Tecra A11-1FW, Tecra A11-1HZ,
    Tecra A11-1JL, Tecra A11-1JW, Tecra A11-1JZ,
    Tecra A11-EV1, Tecra A11-S3510, Tecra A11-S3511,
    Tecra A11-S3512, Tecra A11-S3520, Tecra A11-S3521,
    Tecra A11-S3522, Tecra A11-S3530, Tecra A11-S3531,
    Tecra A11-S3532, Tecra A11-S3540, Tecra A11-S3541,
    Tecra A11-ST3500, Tecra A11-ST3501, Tecra A11-ST3502,
    Tecra A11-ST3503, Tecra A11-ST3504, Tecra A11-W3540

    Toshiba Tecra M11 Series
    Tecra M11-003, Tecra M11-01J, Tecra M11-01K,
    Tecra M11-01L, Tecra M11-01P, Tecra M11-035,
    Tecra M11-036, Tecra M11-037, Tecra M11-04K,
    Tecra M11-104, Tecra M11-107, Tecra M11-119,
    Tecra M11-11J, Tecra M11-11K, Tecra M11-11L,
    Tecra M11-11M, Tecra M11-120, Tecra M11-121,
    Tecra M11-12P, Tecra M11-130, Tecra M11-132,
    Tecra M11-135, Tecra M11-148, Tecra M11-14J,
    Tecra M11-14L, Tecra M11-15M, Tecra M11-15U,
    Tecra M11-15W, Tecra M11-15X, Tecra M11-16R,
    Tecra M11-174, Tecra M11-17M, Tecra M11-17U,
    Tecra M11-17V, Tecra M11-17W, Tecra M11-17Z,
    Tecra M11-Oracle, Tecra M11-S3410, Tecra M11-S3411,
    Tecra M11-S3412, Tecra M11-S3420, Tecra M11-S3422,
    Tecra M11-S3421, Tecra M11-S3430, Tecra M11-S3440,
    Tecra M11-S3450, Tecra M11-ST3501, Tecra M11-ST3502,
    Tecra M11-ST3510, Tecra M11-W3421

    Toshiba Tecra S11 Series
    Tecra S11-00Y, Tecra S11-010, Tecra S11-011,
    Tecra S11-013, Tecra S11-014, Tecra S11-0CP,
    Tecra S11-0CQ, Tecra S11-0CR, Tecra S11-0CS,
    Tecra S11-104, Tecra S11-113, Tecra S11-114,
    Tecra S11-11G, Tecra S11-11H, Tecra S11-11P,
    Tecra S11-124, Tecra S11-13M, Tecra S11-14U,
    Tecra S11-15G, Tecra S11-15H, Tecra S11-166,
    Tecra S11-16P, Tecra S11-173


10.8 V BATTERY 5200mAh (HP 6540B)
10.8 V BATTERY 5200mAh (HP 6540B)

Ref.: CIB3064A

Price on demand
10.8 V BATTERY 5200mAh (HP 6570B/ 6560B)
10.8 V BATTERY 5200mAh (HP 6570B/ 6560B)

Ref.: CBI3292A

Price on demand
HP HSTNN-FB21 ELITEBOOK 2530P 6600 mAH 10....

Ref.: BATERIA.HP66000

BATTERY 10.8V 4400mAh (HP PROBOOK 6550B)
BATTERY 10.8V 4400mAh (HP PROBOOK 6550B)

Ref.: HSTNN-IB68

Price on demand
ASUS X102B BATTERY 11.25 V 2600mAH
ASUS X102B BATTERY 11.25 V 2600mAH

Ref.: CBI3559A

Price on demand
SAMSUNG BATTERY 5200mAh 56Wh 10.8 V
SAMSUNG BATTERY 5200mAh 56Wh 10.8 V

Ref.: CBI3327B

10/ 100 Mbits PCI NETWORK CARD
10/ 100 Mbits PCI NETWORK CARD

Ref.: NET.PCI100



BATTERY HP COMPAQ 620 4400 mAh 10.8V
BATTERY HP COMPAQ 620 4400 mAh 10.8V


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